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Jews of Islamic Countries Archiving Project - Newspapers
The Jewish Newspaper Site comprises of full versions of historical Jewish newspapers that were published in Israel and other countries. The full texts of the digitalized version of a given newspaper may be searched throughout the entire period in which it was active. The search results yield the newspaper articles as they originally appeared, and are arranged according to the number of times the search word appears in the article. Thus, the site offers a powerful research tool useful in a variety of fields to all who are interested in the historical periods in which the newspapers were published. As of 2008, three historical papers are available: 1.The Palestine Post can be accessed by clicking on the upper-left-hand icon 2.The Bulletin de l'Alliance Israelite Universelle can be accessed by clicking on the upper-right-hand icon 3.Paix Et Droit is now available by clicking on the lower-left-hand icon The Historical Periodical Project is a branch of the the Jews of Islamic Countries Archiving Project which was established in 2000, at the Humanities Faculty of Tel-Aviv University by Prof. Yaron Tsur. The project consists of three intertwined activities: Digital scanning, cataloging, and computerization of relevant documentary material. It utilizes computerized data to establish a website for the use of students in academic institutions, schools, and the general public. Research of the history and culture of Jews from Islamic countries.

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